Saturday, February 04, 2006

Blogs I Haven’t Written

When I joined my neighborhood gym after a particularly caloric Christmas, I intended to go 2-3 times per week. Thirteen months later, I maintain these excellent intentions.

While the daily flashes of profound insight I counted on to fill this blog when I started it 19 months ago have not flown quite as freely as I had expected, they do in fact arrive slightly more frequently than the great silences between my posts might suggest. I’ve been working much too hard for the past several months and have been even less prolific, blog-wise, than even my most patient readers had come to expect.

So in the spirit of “the dog ate my homework”, I list for you the blogs I had wanted to write in the past several months and simply never got around to:

  • Really Small Events
    What are the particular challenges of facilitating groups of fewer than 15 people?

  • Facing Failure
    Three hours before the end of a two-day event and no solution in sight.

  • When it Really Hums
    What is actually going on when, about an hour after Synthesis, I say to myself, “We have lift-off!”

  • Keeping My Mouth Shut
    Resisting the urge to help.

  • Keeping Their Mouths Shut
    How sponsors can inhibit honesty, and what to do about it.

  • Facilitating Large Discussions
    Different models for involving large groups of people in a genuine conversation.

  • Model Talk Model
    I help people design models for a living. And I need some new models myself.

  • Becoming a Know-it-all
    Not wasting what we learn.

  • Organizing for Change
    The one theme every event has in common.

Whether committing this list to print makes me more likely to ever reflect on these themes again remains to be seen.

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